BBNaija: I Love The Way Neo Smells & I Would Lick His Toes – Uriel Confesses To CeeC

Hours after their Saturday night party, Uriel was seen having a conversation with CeeC and during this moment she confessed about her feelings for Neo. She revealed that she loves the way he smells and she would lick his toes if it was possible because of how neat he is as a guy. Uriel’s confessions made CeeC burst out in laughter as she couldn’t believe her ears.

According to Uriel, she has always had a soft spot for Neo and in the second and third week, she has locked lips with him. However, she made it clear she wants something more with Neo because she finds him very attractive. She complimented how neat he is and how good he smells. She went further to reveal that if it was possible, she would lick his toes due to how neat Neo is. However, she made it obvious to CeeC that she does not want Neo to find out about her true feelings yet.


She said, “Neo is very hot. Do you know what I love about him? I love the way he smells and I would even lick his toes because he is a very neat guy”.

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