Drama at restaurant as 3 ladies unknowingly drink bottle of water that costs N5,500 (Watch video)

A group of female friends went to a restaurant and lounge to have a good time but they were stunned after being told the amount a bottle of water they ordered cost.

The waiter informed the Nigerian women that the branded bottle of water they drank is worth N5,500, but they found it amusing.

A video which has gone viral on the internet captures the three ladies having an interaction with the waiter as one of them asked if they could go with the empty bottle.

He told them that leaving with the bottle is permitted, but when they asked him for a nylon to put it inside, he said the restaurant has none, which made it even more shocking to the ladies as they wondered why the water costs over N5k.

The trio burst out laughing because they probably found it hard to believe that they were going to pay that amount for one bottle of water. The lady who was speaking on behalf of the group later put the bottle in her bag.

Watch the video below:

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