ECOWAS imposes 8 stiff Sanctions on Niger Republic over Coup [FULL LIST]

The Authority of Heads of State and Government of the Economic Community of West African States,  ECOWAS on Sunday handed down 8 stiff sanctions on Niger Republic over a coup that occurred in the country a few days ago.

The decision was taken at an extraordinary session of the Authority presided over by Tinubu in Abuja on Sunday.

It can be recalled that the Commander of the country’s Presidential Guards, General Abdourahamane Tchiani, had on Friday, declared himself the Head of a Transitional Government and placed the President, Muhammed Bazoum in detention.

At Sunday’s meeting, the Authority affirmed its recognition of Bazoum as the legitimate President of the country and as well announced the imposition of land border closures and suspension of all commercial flights between Niger Republic and ECOWAS member states.

The President of the ECOWAS Commission, Omar Touray, announced the decision, saying that all Chiefs of Defense Staff of the member states will proceed for an emergency meeting to strategize on effective ways to implement a possible military operation to restore Bazoum to office.

Below is a list of Economic Sanctions placed on Niger Republic;

1. Closure of Land and air borders between ECOWAS and Niger.

2. Institution of ECOWAS no flight zone to all commercial flights to and fro Niger.

3. Suspension of all commercial and financial transactions between ECOWAS member states and Niger.

4. Freeze all service transactions including energy transactions.

5. Freeze assets of Niger Republic in all ECOWAS Central banks.

6. Freeze all Niger State and the state enterprises and Parastatals in commercial banks.

7. Suspension of Niger from all financial assistance and transactions with all financial institutions.

8. Impose travel bans on the military officials and their families involved in the coup attempt including anyone who accepts to take a position in the military government.


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