“I Sit Down Somewhere & Make Billions From Sources Nobody Knows” – Asari Dokubo Brags

Alhaji Asari Mujahid Abubakar Dokubo went live on Facebook to reveal that he makes money through means that are unknown to people.



The Kalabari Kingdom’s Chief said, “the truth is that I am not bothered about what anyone says or write about me. This is because everything I do in life is divinely directed. God had disproportionately favoured me. I (literally) sit down somewhere and make billions from sources nobody knows.”


Speaking further, Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo said, “in this life, I am not in a competition with anybody. There is actually nothing any man can boast of that i don’t have. Is it houses, money or children?”

Lastly, Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo said, “I am an amachree and I must not do anything illegal to taint the name of my fathers that has been surviving for many years. Any amachree who does something to tarnish our image will be dealt with by us.”


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