I have acquired all the things that people desire in life, whether it be wealth or children — Dakubo

Mujahid Asari Dokubo, a prominent leader of the Ijaw nation and former militant, claimed that his conversion from Christianity to Islam resulted in wealth and prosperity in his life.


After adopting Islam in 1988 and taking on the name Mujahid, Dokubo Asari stated in a live video that his life became significantly easier after finding a new religion that aligned with his goal of addressing societal issues. He also mentioned that his children have been raised to follow his path and faith.

Dokubo Asari expressed contentment with his current possessions, attributing his blessings to God. He shared these sentiments during his 50th birthday celebration, where he provided his loved ones with everything one could desire, including wealth, children, and cars. He emphasized that he does not engage in competition with others and teaches his children to uphold their name and background.

In his words, “I have acquired all of the things that people desire in life, whether it be wealth, children, or cars. I do not feel the need to compete with others, but instead, I am focused on teaching my children to follow in my successful path. This is because we have a reputation and heritage to safeguard.”


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