Drama as Charles Okocha and Portable ‘clash’ on the road – [Watch]

Recently, controversial singer Portable Omolalomi and Nollywood actor Charles Okocha ran into each other on the street, and the encounter turned out to be crazy.

The video which was shared on the official Instagram page of Charles Okocha captures the moment the duo who were both driving almost collided with each other, leading to a fierce exchange of words.

After that, Portable and Charles Okocha got out of their cars and began to argue.

Portable responded in Yoruba and Pidgin English as Charles Okocha screamed at the top of his lungs in his trademark American impersonation.

At a point, Charles Okocha took off Portable’s face cap.

He also grabbed Portable’s polo, pulling it vigorously. The Zazuu crooner on his part could be heard shouting.

The encounter clearly appeared to be a hilarious one.

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