Asari Dokubo Breaks Silence Amid Calls For His Arrest Over His Inciteful Statements & Gun possession

Asari Dokubo spoke in the mid-hours of today and reacted after Ofem Obeten (DSP rtd) and Retired Superintendent of Police, Iwara Ibiang Enang, called on the security agencies in Nigeria to arrest and question Asari over his reported continual inciteful statements and possession of arms.



Asari Dokubo Said “They said I was in possession of a gun. Do you know where I had the gun? Do you know if it was inside Nigeria? Do you Know whether the gun was carried in Nigeria? Even if I carried it in Nigeria, what is the offense for possessing a firearm? What is the crime? And what are the penalties for it?”

Speaking further, He said, “My videos are in the public domain that I threanted the Igbos; do you think the propaganda you do against other people can be done to me? When you go to court, you will ask if it’s a license or not. Can a man commit a crime for carrying an AK-47 in America, the Benin Republic, or Germany? You don’t even know me or where I live and stay. I am not your type of man.”


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