When My Wife Was Diagnosed With Cancer, I Told The G5 That I Couldn’t Continue With The Race—Wike

During the family thanksgiving service in honor of former Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, he revealed that when his wife called him and I informed him that she was diagnosed with cancer, he immediately called the G5 members and told them that he couldn’t continue with the race to become governor.


Wike further stated that on the night of his primaries, his wife’s room caught fire, and all her properties got burned. He added that nobody knew about it because he kept quiet without informing anybody.


According to him, “When I was going to my presidential primaries, my wife called me from London and said she had been diagnosed with cancer. I said, “What do you mean? I brought my phone and called my G5 members who are supporting me, and I told the governors that there’s a problem. I don’t think I’ll continue with this race. So I called my wife back, and she said no, so we started. So on the night of those primaries, I went with my wife to Abuja, and from nowhere she was told that fire had gotten into her room.”

“I said, “From where? They had to call the fire service; everything a woman should own was burned, and up until today, we have not repaired that room. Everything was burned, and nobody knew because I just kept quiet. That’s why I said some people don’t ask me what I’m passing through; you just want me to give it to you. You don’t know that inside me, I’m already dying. So I was just careful, and you know, when they say you’re diagnosed with cancer, you know what it is. Those who have experience will tell you, and as it is for me, I handed everything to God, and being a very strong woman, she never showed it, but thank God to the glory of God, she’s hailing and hearty.”


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