Women Love S€x More Than Men, Stop Pretending, Go And Teach Your Man How To Satisfy You”Blessing CEO



Popular social media relationship and mental health expert, Blessing CEO has used her new video to give new relationship advice to women. She shared the post on her Facebook page, where she revealed that women love s€x more than men while asking women to stop pretending and that they should teach their men how to satisfy them.

She made it known that women like s€x more than men, but that because society has brainwashed them, that is why they are pretending not to like it. She disclosed that when a woman has regular s€x she will look young and ageless, and she won’t look like a sadist. She maintained that there are some couples who have not sl€ep with each other for more than a year, and that is why some women are looking older than their real age.


In the statement she made in the video, she said, “Women love s€x more than men, stop pretending, go and teach your man how to satisfy you. Women, you like s€x more than men, but because society has brainwashed you, you want to pretend as if you don’t like it. S€x improves women more than men; when you have good s€x you will look young. I have a woman who came to me and said that her husband hasn’t touched her for a year, and that is why some women look older than their age.


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