“Not Here to Joke”: Chef Determines To Outshine Hilda Baci, Cooks for Over 45 Hours As She Aims to Surpass 100 Hours

A Nigerian Lady, Chef Dammy, is cooking in Ekiti state.

She has so far cooked for 45 hours.

Chef Dammy entered the kitchen on Friday, June 9, and her team said she is not there to joke.
The cookathon is expected to last for five days or 120 hours, which is her stated aim.
Since the news of her cookathon broke on social media, many Nigerians are focusing on her to see how far she could go.

Some were seen in a video cheering her up.
Some, however, criticised her, saying she is trying to take the shine off Chef Hilda Baci, who put in 100 hours in the kitchen and is awaiting verification by the Guinness World Records.
But the chef is determined to go through with her cooking conquest.
When she hit 43 hours, @SpiritWordGM posted a new update.
It read: “43 hours gone! We are not here to joke!”

Many Nigerians are reacting to the Dammy’s cookathon.
Some have positive and encouraging comments, others are not pleased.
@Ateduru05 said: “Carry on.”
@mistersunkanmi commented: “My advice… Please work more on the presentation of your foods.”
@hermann_id said: “Na owambe food una dey cook. No be to break any record.”
@mistersunkanmi said: “And make your real Twitter account known to the public.”


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