“Hilda don buy market” – Netizens react as another Chef begins 200-hours Cook-a-thon

Videos of a Nigerian chef embarking on a 200-hour cook-a-thon to break the world record for the longest cooking time have sparked reactions online.

The current titleholder for the longest cooking time is Chef Lata Tondon from India, who cooked continuously for over 86 hours. However, a few weeks ago, a Nigerian chef named Hilda Baci surpassed this record by cooking for 100 hours.

Nigerian Chef embarks on 200-hours Cook-a-thon

Despite the Guinness World Record not yet officially recognizing her achievement, other Nigerian chefs have already started attempting to surpass the record. The cooking community in Nigeria is eagerly watching these attempts and awaiting official confirmation of any new records.

Reacting to this, @maquinbeaury stated: He never even start ,someone is already encouraging him”

@GreenGuddy wrote:Didn’t know cooking gas was this cheap in this hard times. Seems i have been patronizing a wrong vendor. || Goodluck to everyone in his or her endeavor still..”
@wavythestar said: “He is cooking in the opposite direction of the kitchen, why is the gas cooker control in the opposite side” 

Watch the video below:


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