Peter Obi Does Not Recognize Me Because I Am A Muslim- Lamidi Apapa Says On LP Crisis

Comrade Lamidi Apapa, a group leader within the Labor Party, said the secretary general of the Peter Obi and Obi Datti Movement Organization did not recognize him as the party’s national leader because of his religion.



He said he remained the only National Labor Party vice chairman to be elected. The remaining two were appointed to their respective platforms by the Labor Party (LP) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) respectively.



Apapa said that because Obi’s weakness lies in his religious beliefs, which is how he acts. He said, “I don’t want to say it in front of everyone, but I have to. Obi, Abure and Osuntokun are all Christians, but I am the only Muslim. That’s how he does it. ”

Apapa, who made a guest appearance on Thursday Channels TV’s morning show, said Obi’s decision not to admit himself in court was due to Mr. Abure’s group and who they represent in court. It was said that it was handed down after holding a meeting to decide. As a result, the court ordered him, along with four others, to stop pretending to be party leaders.



Apapa said he would only serve as Labor leader until all charges against his comrade Julius Abure were cleared. He would then become Vice-President of the Federation again, and that is him. He said Obi intended to harass and hurt people in court Wednesday. “They tried to kill me. It was Abure and Peter Obi’s idea and he started it.

“My group said that if there was a party event and I was going to attend, I should represent the party. Daramola was there and Engr. Mike was there. “When they came back, Obi explained that he wouldn’t recognize me as party leader. I’m on trial and he won’t know who I am.” So they asked, “If Abre is told to leave and cannot attend, who will be there?” The party says I am Mr Abure’s successor. ” ”



“This discussion got so heated that they came back to my hotel room around 1 a.m. before the court hearing and said if I went to court today (Wednesday), they would take care of me. I thought it was a joke, but it was true, and Arabambi said it was true. ” It proves what they said to me, and I will repeat it.



“I never said I was the president of the state.” I am the acting president of the state. If Mr. Abure resigns, I will be the next in charge.” “There is nothing more beautiful than disbelief. That’s our job; that’s the Labor Party’s project. Obi is our project. No one should deviate from this plan. We all have to get this job done, whether I’m there or not. “If trust is lacking, it doesn’t matter to me.” I want Obi to tell the whole world why he treats me this way when I haven’t done him any harm.

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