Every Man will Claim they like a Hard Working Baci, but it is S3x they Want in Private- Blessing CEO

Nigerian controversial relationship counselor, Blessing Okoro, professionally known as Blessing CEO has taken to social media to criticize the set of men that are complementing Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci for attempting to break a Guinness World Record.


Recall that Nigerian restauranteur, Hilda Baci has been trending on social media platforms for quite some time now, following her attempt to break a record of cooking for four days, as many persons including celebrities trooped out to support her in achieving such feat.

And so following the increased number of men that are in support of Hilda Baci and their claim of liking such kind of woman, Nigerian brand influencer, Blessing CEO took to her official Facebook page to react, as she stated that;

“In public every man will claim they like a hard working Hilda Baci, but in private, it’s just s*x they want, they are not after your skill but body. So as a woman, your skill is your power, your body is a plus. Ice on the cake”.

Here is Blessing CEO’s post below;



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