LEV 0-0 ROM: Fans React As Mourinho’s Roma Defended For 90 Mins To Qualify For The UEL Final

Roma progressed to the UEFA Europa League final after playing a 0-0 draw in Germany. The game was filled with so many interesting moments, but Xabi Alonso’s Bayern Leverkusen could not unlock Roma’s defense. Hence, Roma’s 1-0 win was enough to send Jose Mourinho to yet another European Cup final.

However, the talking points of the game were the atmosphere at the stadium, Jose Mourinho’s tactical approach, Bayern Leverkusen’s possession, and Roma’s back-to-back European finals, but this article will center on how fans are reacting as Jose Mouronho’s Roma defended for 90 minutes to qualify for the UEL final. Take a look!


Photo: Bayern Leverkusen VS AS Roma || Twitter

1. Fans Are Reacting As Jose Mourinho Team Had Only The Mindset Of Defending.


After the first leg ended 1-0 in Roma’s favor, Bayern Leverkusen knew they had to score in the second leg, but Jose Mourinho had other plans. The Roma Manager approached the game very defensively. Roma did not have any shot on target. They had only 28% of the ball possession and played just one corner. In most phases of the game, Roma players were always in their “own” half. So, fans are reacting to Mourinho’s approach to the game. Even though it paid off in the end, some fans are calling Mourinho’s football negative.


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