MCI VS RMA: How Pep Guardiola Tackled Carlos Ancelotti’s Tactics in the First Half

The first half of the semi-final clash between Manchester City and Real Madrid showcased the tactical prowess of Pep Guardiola as he effectively nullified Carlos Ancelotti’s game plan. Guardiola’s approach, characterized by relentless pressing and dominant possession, left Real Madrid struggling to find any rhythm or make good use of the ball.



Manchester City’s staggering 80% possession in the first half was a testament to Guardiola’s emphasis on controlling the game from the start. By constantly attacking and maintaining a high-intensity press, City prevented Real Madrid from settling into their preferred style of play. The relentless pressure exerted by City’s players disrupted the flow of their opponents, making it incredibly difficult for Real Madrid to retain possession and build meaningful attacks.

Guardiola’s side relentlessly closed down Real Madrid whenever they had possession, denying them time and space to execute their passes. This high-pressure approach proved immensely successful, with City winning back possession easily and limiting Real Madrid to just one off-target shot in the entire first half.

The ability to win the ball high up the pitch allowed Manchester City to launch swift and dangerous counter-attacks. Their rapid transitions, coupled with precise passing and movement, created numerous scoring opportunities. Real Madrid’s defense was constantly under pressure, struggling to cope with City’s fluid attacking play.

Guardiola’s tactics also ensured that Real Madrid’s key players were effectively neutralized. By denying them time on the ball and closing down passing lanes, City minimized the influence of players like Luka Modric and Toni Kroos, who thrive on dictating the tempo of the game. Real Madrid’s inability to establish any control in midfield further played into Guardiola’s hands.

The first-half performance by Manchester City showcased the meticulous preparation and execution of Guardiola’s game plan. His ability to identify and exploit the weaknesses in Ancelotti’s tactics was evident as City dominated proceedings from start to finish.

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