I Was Given Special Yam To Put Inside My Mother’s Private Part Before Sleeping With Her Corpse- Boy Confesses

A boy arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has reportedly confessed to killing his mother for money and sleeping with her corpse. The boy, who is indigenous to Ogara Regional Government District, Delta State, committed the crime in a rented house in Ologbo District, Ikpoba-Oha Regional Government District.

The boy confessed during a parade with his colleagues at the EFCC headquarters in Wari. When the suspect was taken to the Edo State Police Command, Samuel told reporters he had been urged to action by a ritualist in his neighborhood.



According to Yahoo Boy, he “wanted to use her mother for the ritual.” I am a little boy, and my father is dead. It was a friend who told her to use her mother for money rituals. They promised to make me rich if I killed my mother and slept with her. They ensured I would be the richest Yahoo boy ever.

The boy added that after he killed his mother when he arrived at the scene of the herbal medicine ceremony, he gave the man a special yam to stick in his mother’s genitals before sleeping with his corpse. When he asked why the yams, his mother said he wanted to use them to expand her vagina so she could sleep with him.


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