Concerns As Davido Publicly Ignores Imade’s Birthday

Sophia Momodu

Nigerian singer, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has sparked mixed reactions after failing to publicly celebrate the birthday of his first daughter, Imade.

the singer’s babymama, Sophia Momodu took to her Instagram page to shower love on her daughter on the occasion of her 8th birthday.

She wrote: “It’s my daughter’s 8th time around the sun…. It’s also Mother’s Day today & I couldn’t be more thankful. God has been too faithful to fail. Happy Birthday, Imade! I love you so much kiddo”

Sophia also organized a small birthday party for Imade which was attended by a few friends including Tiwa Savage’s son.

However, some netizens expressed surprise at how Davido failed to share Imade’s picture on his social media pages and didn’t organize an elaborate party for her.

While some claimed Davido isn’t ready to publicize his children yet following the loss of Ifeanyi, others claimed it might be due to Sophia’s recent outburst on financial bullying.

ibhade18 wrote: “Sophia is , has and will always be an attention seeker . Fine the boy that died isn’t yours but this guy doesn’t want to put his kids out there yet , not even sure he is in the mood for a party yet . Another child don do birthday and we didn’t even know and no one fought or came to social media to make noise . David isn’t one person to ignore his kids and which we all know about except if we wanna be sentimental. But he is doing through so much. A child’s death isn’t a joke .

“Sophia was the insensitive one to post something about the boy and Nigerians dragged her to pull it down then . She doesn’t need to have this I don’t care attitude. If she has money let her make noise on her kids birthday and do wahever she wants . As far as I am concerned she is a Babymama . She isn’t even his favorite Babymama , Chioma is no longer a baby mama , chioma is now a wife . Sophia please relax and stop dragging unnecessary attentions to this guy . Everything doesn’t have to come to social media”

homowunmii wrote: “He knows exactly what he’s doing by not posting or wishing them a happy birthday publicly….The enemies are trying to bring him down and they want to use his children cuz he’s always showing how he loves them publicly…He changed everything and I love it…what they don’t knw thye can’t ruin”

apataataseye wrote: “He is not ignoring her. I guess he doesn’t want to post his kids on ig anymore due to what happened to ifeanyi”

brilliant8shape wrote: “He doesn’t want to post his kids anymore cuz of what happened to his son”

paliehart wrote: “If he wasn’t childish, he would have celebrated his daughter publicly (as he has done in the past) but no, he has extended his pettiness for his child’s mother to his own child too”

queenspicyy wrote: “I honestly think Davido wants his children off social media for now and we all know he loves his kids equally,we all remembered that ifeanyi (Davido’s first son) died few days after his birthday, the whole thing would be traumatizing if he made a post about his other kids and would definitely remember he posted a picture of his son too before his demise,he just doesn’t want to be reminded of that incident by any means and also doesn’t want any of his kids bn flaunted on social media till further notice. If it was possible for him to instruct his baby mama’s not to post the kids they might not listen to him thereby thinking he’s trying to protect Chioma’s feeling’s but nonetheless let’s keep them in our prayers”

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