Whether we finish sixth or seventh, our season has been wonderful – José Mourinho


Jose Mourinho maintains he always knew Roma ‘did not have the resources’ to finish fourth in Serie A and reach the Europa League Final, so it remains a ‘great’ season, even if the Bologna draw reminded him of his age.

The Giallorossi rotated their team even more than normal because the attention must be on the Europa League semi-final after winning the first leg 1-0, with the decider away to Bayer Leverkusen on Thursday.

When he came for the DAZN interview, the studio was still deliberating over Mady Camara’s lunge, which resulted in a booking rather than a straight red, a decision that refereeing expert Luca Marelli believed was correct.

“Did you give Palomino’s foul on Dybala as many replays as Camara’s foul? It was a fair yellow card because he went for the ball aggressively,” Mourinho told DAZN.

“I am proud of this game because, whether it is a kid from the Under-15s or someone from the Women’s team, the team maintains its professionalism and tactical principles. That makes me really happy.”

“It was Svilar and Missori’s first starts, while Tahirovic rarely plays, and they faced a very difficult and well-organized Bologna team, led by Thiago Motta. Overall, it was a good performance.”

Youth players’ skills were launched and depended on, resulting in a creditable point, given that Juventus, Inter, Milan, Lazio, and Roma all failed to win at the Stadio Dall’Ara this season.

It does put them six points behind the top four, but as Mourinho has repeatedly stated, these two competitions are stretching the team to breaking point.

“The fans must pay attention to me. When we were second or third in the table for a few weeks, I always claimed that our team could only play one game at a time since we didn’t have the means to compete in both games.”

“We tried never to choose between them, but for the last two or three months, this is what I have been saying.”

They are only two games away from clinching automatic qualification for the Champions League if they win the Europa League.

“Our season has been wonderful. People may say whatever they want about the results, whether we win or lose, finish fourth or seventh, but it has been a season played to the very limit for me. That’s excellent news for me.”

“It was another difficult match, but the draw was solid rather than suffered; we had a fantastic opportunity to score with Belotti, but were denied a major penalty, so it was nicely done.”

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