Fernando Torres and Alvaro Arbeloa clash during Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid U19s

Former Liverpool teammates Fernando Torres and Alvaro Arbeloa, clashed during an under 19 Madrid derby.

Torres is currently manager of Atletico Madrid Juvenil A, while Arbeloa is currently manager of Real Madrid Juvenil A.

But if you thought the pair enjoyed seeing each other after their spell at Anfield, you’d be seriously mistaken.

In the quarter final of the Division de Honor Juvenil, the two sides played out an entertaining 2-2 draw. It meant Real Madrid progressed 4-2 on aggregate.

And it’s clear the rivalry of the Madrid derby translates to the under 19 level.

That’s because footage has emerged of Torres and Arbeloa squaring up to each other on the touchline. Then, Torres gives his old mate a push in the chest. It wasn’t the biggest push in the world but it had serious repercussions.

Arbeloa was shown a yellow card for his actions while Torres was sent off. It led to a bit of a scuffle between both benches and players.

Torres reportedly said: “I’ll blow your head off,” while Arbeloa replied: “Start whenever you want.”

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To be fair to Arbeloa, he did well not to react. Just look at the size at Torres these days – he’d have eaten him alive!

Since retiring, Torres has seemingly spent the entire time in the gym and has bulked up impressively.

Fernando Torres is a highly-rated manager

But when he’s not in the gym, Torres is working hard to become a quality manager. And he, along with Arbeloa, are extremely highly-rated coaches.

In fact, former Barcelona defender, Rafael Marquez, believes they’re both destined for big things.

“Fernando Torres has great abilities. Equally, Alvaro Arbeloa,” he told Mundo Deportivo.

“You could already see they stood out during the course.”

Meanwhile, former Atletico coach Armando de la Morena told AS: “A coach like Fernando, knowing his career a bit, as a player and always with the respect that he has acted, has the conditions to be a great coach.

“I know it from the players too, who tell me wonders about him, how he transmits, how he gives them the concepts. So what I see in him is that if everything is going the right way, then we have a future coach for Spanish football and for Atletico and hopefully for the national team as well.

“He spoke very well to you even when he was still a kid, 17, 18 years old. He is always respectable both on and off the field, for his manners and behaviour. After all, a coach has to be that. An example both outside and inside the field. And he meets those conditions.”

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