Man Exposes Hot, Well-Crafted Break-up Message Girlfriend Sent Out of the Blues

The Twitter post of a young man who opened up about his break-up experience has gone viral on the platform

The heartbroken man received a well-crafted message from his girlfriend, who ended the relationship with him

The message was a long epistle with an apology, advice and good wishes from his ex-lover, who was tired of dating him

Although some people tend to have a bad feeling before their relationshipcrashes, others are often blindsided.


They never see it coming, especially when the relationship is good and advancing in their minds.


Lady breaks up with lover

A young man with the Twitter user name @Brahima_fashion posted his break-up story after receiving an epistle from his girlfriend.

His girlfriend sent a well-crafted, tense and punctuated message to him. She mentioned how she was sorry for the breakup, hoped he would take it well, wished him the best, and advised him to focus on improving himself.


He was moved to reply to her by asking how long she was holding out, and her response was rather insulting compared to the earlier message.


She wrote:

“Hey, I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to have an honest and open conversation with you about our relationship. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and soul-searching, and it’s led me to a difficult decision.

“I have come to realize that our paths have started to diverge, and we’re both looking for different things in life. It’s been a beautiful journey we shared, filled with wonderful memories and growth, but I believe it’s time for us to part ways.

“Please understand that this decision was not easy for me to make. I truly care about you, and I value the time we’ve spent together. However, I believe it’s crucial for both of us to find happiness and fulfilment individually. I want you to know that this breakup is not a reflection of your worth or our time together.

“Sometimes, life takes us in different directions, and it’s important to listen to our hearts and follow our own paths. I sincerely wish you all the happiness and success in the future. You deserve someone who can give you the love support you need.

“Take this time to focus on yourself and pursue your dreams. Thank you for everything we shared. I will always cherish the memories we created together. I hope we can find peace and healing as we move forward separately. Take care of yourself.”

Social media reactions

@Immortal Lex wrote:

“With the way guys are cheering you in this CS, you’re gradually healing and I’m glad you are. She didn’t write that herself tho, you definitely shouldn’t reply her after her long epistles, please.”

@jon_d_doe said:

“Her new boyfriend wrote that heartbreak text for her. You’ll later find this out.”


“Abeg bro, you fit send me that write up wey she send you? I go need am.”

@Olaminice wrote:

“She Google the break up letter. But sha e sweet for ear to read.. This is her own break up post “rubbish I call relationship”

@CallmieBae commented:

“This write up. Gbam.. I don copy am…Mk I go break-up now.”

@MizzyGi. commented:

“See watin him use save the girl name “I Pray You Find Peace.”


@Nwaokoro Valentine wrote:

“Abi she used chatGPT take write breakup letter? Speedy recovery and all the best bro. May you find peace indeed!”

See the tweet below:

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