Brazil legends Romario and Bebeto at war after calling each other ‘traitor’ and ‘selfish’ in explosive public spat

BRAZIL icons Romario and Bebeto have traded insults in a fiery exchange, labelling one another a “traitor” and “selfish”.

The South American forwards made up a formidable duo at the 1994 World Cup, helping their country become champions for a fourth time.

Romario slammed Bebeto for his political stance
Romario slammed Bebeto for his political stance
Bebeto vehemently defended himself following Romario's criticism
Bebeto vehemently defended himself following Romario’s criticism

But now they are slating one another in a very public spat that appears to have originated from their differing political beliefs.

Romario, a senator of Rio de Janeiro, is understood to have taken umbrage with Bebeto’s decision to support progressive candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in the election.

This was because he backed far-right politician Jair Bolsonaro – who ended up being re-elected.

Speaking about his ex-team-mate Bebeto, Romario told the Cheguei Podcast do Garotinho: “Traitor. He betrayed me in politics. He jumped from the branch.

“There are things in life that I take with me forever, inside and outside of politics.

“I see that every day, but when it happens with a guy you lived with and you have a relationship of friendship is sad.”

Bebeto, who was a regional deputy for Rio de Janeiro for three consecutive terms, then responded in explosive fashion as he raged at former team-mate Romario.

He said: “Who is he to call me a traitor? Romario is getting old and I think he’s becoming scarred, saying a lot of nonsense.

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