‘Manchester City’s goal can’t be disallowed even if the ball went out of play’

Pavel Fernandez looks at one controversial moment in the Champions League semi-final

'Manchester City's goal can't be disallowed even if the ball went out of play'

Manchester City‘s goal was heavily protested by Real Madrid, who felt that the goal should have been disallowed as the ball went out of play on the sideline in the build up.

“Los Blancos claim that the ball went out on the wing before De Bruyne‘s goal,” said Pavel Fernandez on Radio MARCA’s ‘Marcador Europeo’ show

“VAR cannot review it, because the English team’s attacking phase started later, after Camavinga had lost the ball, so VAR cannot review it that far back.”

Kevin de Bruyne equalized for Manchester City 67 minutes into the Champions League semi-final first leg, after Vinicius Jr. put Real Madrid in the lead just before half time.

The second leg will take place in one week at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester.

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