Mixed reactions as 21-year-old Amaka claim she bought a Benz worth N36M with Okrika business

21-year-old Amaka trends online after claiming to have bought a Benz worth N36M with Okrika business (Video)

A video interview of a 21-year-old businesswoman who claims to have acquired a Mercedes Benz SUV worth N36 million with her Okrika business is currently trending on Facebook.

[Okrika is basically the sale of second-hand clothing in Nigeria. People buy clothes in bulk from America or Europe, and then sell them at a cheaper rate in local or online markets.]

The young lady, identified simply as Amaka, was interviewed by content creator MC Mbakara after seeing the luxurious car she was driving.

When asked how she was able to afford the car, she said she runs an Okrika business that rakes in millions of naira monthly and attributed the high turnover to using the right business strategy.

She explained that she majorly sells her wares on social media, and so far, she has been able to acquire a car worth N36 Million and also pay N9 million rent for her apartment in the Lekki area of Lagos, among other achievements.

Lady bought 36million naira Mercedes Benz with Okirika business

Amaka maintained that she funds her lifestyle with her hard-earned money, and that she is not being bankrolled by a man.

The video has since gone viral on Facebook and sparked thousands of reactions from netizens, with many expressing doubt about her source of income.

Her words: “I am 21. My car is worth N36 million. I am a business lady. I sell okrika thrift clothes. Nice ones. Making money is based on the strategy you use. It is an online business actually. Not everyone knows how to manage online business.

“You have to look for a perfect strategy that suits your business and your income making. I stay in Lekki. I pay N7 million yearly as house rent. Total including service charge is N9 million.

“In this generation, many young people don’t want to do something legal to make a living. I am just going to talk to ladies especially. You need to have a perfect strategy for your work. Anything you are doing, make sure that you make it unique. 

“I don’t know why you are surprised that I got my N36 million car through selling okrika. My strategy works for me and got me where I am today. I don’t have a boyfriend. I am very independent. I pay my bills alone.”

Watch the interview below here

See reactions below;

Okwuloka Ikenga: If you don’t believe her, go to court.

Chris Palucy: Hahahaha ok business did she use to inport the container of the ok hmmmmm.

@ImoPunter: And I never buy Benz with my punting business Madam please which business exactly are you trading on currently or am I missing something from the back view pot.

@algorismos: If she is a supplier in wholesale why not. In Nigeria people buy Okrika more than new clothes so the demand is high. And if she is well positioned in the supply chain its simplya matter of time. Or she might have raised part of it and got loans to cover the rest while she offsets with time.

@DrJesseglee: She’s into CLITOCURRENCY. That’s it.

@JojoDnc: Okrika when my guy sell for 3 years and nothing come out😲.. truth go come out soon.

@heyebube: Ashawo!!! Nothing wey you wan tell me.

@AnamaliHarriso1: Her headquarter go don see shege 😂😂😂.

@amjustacommoner: Lol who dey sell okirika no dey even wear watin she dey sell abi na lekki dog’s clothes she dey sell.

Ime Glory: Some ladies can lie Sha🚶🚶🚶🚶 7 million naira house rent 🏃🏃🏃.

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