APC: They must give me something tangible so I will let go of my governorship Mandate- Tonye Cole



Tonye Cole, the governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress in Rivers state, has stated that he would require a very compelling offer to let go of his governorship mandate.

During an interview with Arise News on the Morning Show program, Cole responded to a question from Reuben Abati about whether he would accept an offer from Tinubu to abandon the tribunal matter and take a position in his government. He replied that he would consider such an offer if it were compelling enough to assuage the people who died in Rivers state, but noted that no such offer had been made to him thus far.

Cole expressed his reservations about whether such an offer would be enough to settle the matter, as no one has approached him with a specific proposal. He reiterated that many people died during the election, and a mandate was stolen, so any offer he receives must be truly compelling and different from his current governorship mandate.

According to him; “What I do know today is that people died, what I know is that a mandate was stolen…if somebody is offering me something that us different from this (governorship) it has to be very compelling and I have not seen it so I don’t know what is on offer but it must be really compelling to assuage the life of who died.”

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