Tinubu surprises Nigerians As He Hires Two Russians As Personal Aides

There is a tangible uneasiness over the presence of two Russian citizens working as aides to Mr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who would be the next president of Nigeria, as well as their roles in the government.

Those who keep tabs on politics and national security are concerned about the true status of the two Russian advisers. In addition to this, it is unknown what their status is in Nigeria because they are not currently serving as deployed diplomats for the Russian Federation Embassy that is located in Nigeria.

There are concerns that the incoming president would, unwittingly or otherwise, drag Nigeria into the global competition between the United States and Russia, which might endanger the relatively stable peace that exists in the country.

There are concerns both within Nigeria and outside since their presence creates issues, according to a person who is familiar with the development who stated, ” There are worries both within Nigeria and abroad. ” For instance, do they operate as non- state actors? What exactly is their mandate? Were they employed in an attempt to influence the INEC Server? Why would a person who aspires to be President of Nigeria hire foreigners to fill sensitive advisory posts when Nigerians are perfectly capable of carrying out such work?

” All of these questions are begging for answers, and Nigerians have the right to know, what these aliens are doing here and what their employment and immigration status is, ” she said. ” All of these questions are begging for answers. “

Aside from the well- known and notorious role that Russia can play in the manipulation of elections, Nigerians are also very concerned about the competition with the Western world that Russian dominance of the incoming government in Nigeria will bring about.

” An obvious case in point is the pointless war in Sudan, in which the two superpowers of the world, the United States and Russia, are waging a severe proxy war with Sudanese citizens serving as the victims. “

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