My Daughter Drank Hypo At School 3 Weeks Ago- Ronke Oshodi Oke Cries Out

veteran actress and entrepreneur, Ronke Oshodi Oke shared a 4-minute video clarifying issues related to wearing the Celestial garment to portray what the church didn’t like and issues related to her daughter’s predicament at a private University.


The veteran actress first apologized for the incident that arise from the wearing of the Celestial garment and noted that 3 Weeks ago around 3:45 AM, they called her from her daughter, Jummy’s school that she drank Hypo. Ronke was like how could her daughter drink Hypo?


Narrating the unfortunate incident, she said it seems her friends or roommates poured Hypo into the filling bottle she gave her to take to school and sealed it. Then, around 3 AM, her daughter opened it and drank water with the straw, and was immediately admitted to the hospital.

Ronke said they went to 3 different hospitals before she got better and it was General Hospital that finalized her child’s healing process. She said they planned to kill her daughter but they didn’t succeed.


Furthermore, she warned the private University, stating that she doesn’t want to reveal their identity because she doesn’t want to dent their image. She reiterated that the unfortunate happening shouldn’t repeat itself, otherwise, she will not take it easy with them.

Ronke advised that parents should watch their children thoroughly and observe their habits.

This video triggered reactions online as fans and celebrities noted that she shouldn’t sweep the matter under the carpet but take fast action.



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