Fans React As A Laser Was Pointed At Mudryk During The Game Against Arsenal

It’s no longer news that Frank Lampard now has lost 6 consecutive games as Chelsea’s manager. The latest 3-1 defeat against Arsenal means that nothing has changed since Frank Lampard was appointed Interim Coach as Chelsea still has 39 points. Note that Arsenal continued to put pressure on Manchester City after the convincing 3-1 lead at Emirates.

However, fans have continued to question the attitude of the players, while Frank Lampard’s tactical approach to the game has also raised questions. On the other hand, note that Mudryk was later introduced into the game against Arsenal, and a laser was pointed at him. Hence, this article will focus on how fans are reacting to the move to point a laser at Mudryk. Take a look!

1. Many Fans Condemned The Behaviour.

Recall that many weeks ago, everything suggested that Mudryk was destined to join Arsenal, but the deal didn’t happen. However, it was Chelsea that eventually secured the signing of the Ukrainian winger, but the youngster has been struggling at his new club. Note that during the London Derby at Emirates, a laser was pointed at Mudryk’s face on several occasions, and many fans condemned this act. It was already stoppage time, and Chelsea was already losing by 3-1, so many fans described the act as classless. Similarly, some fans also noted that the behaviour was unacceptable.


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