Reactions As Woman Calls Off Wedding After Fiance Demands She Stops Speaking to Baby Daddy


A Kenyan woman divided opinions on social media after revealing that she recently called off her planned wedding after her fiance demanded that she cuts off her baby daddy.Yvonne told her husband-to-be that her baby daddy has to be in the picture as he is still the father of her daughter. This led to the end of their relationship and wedding plans.

After finding out the dress by Israeli designer Galia Lahav whose creations their destination wedding in Colombia was beyond repair, she told her fiance that his mother was banned from attending. Initially, he agreed but in an update posted earlier today she revealed she’s called off the wedding after finding out he’d backed down and told her she could come after all. 


Evidence that she was kidding. When I found none, my concern swelled.You’re going to leave him someday, and that’ll be way worse.Honestly, it’ll be easier she said. “The stakes aren’t that high. If we can’t find a way to make it work we can always just get divorced.

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