I Can See A Man I Like And Sleep With Him But I Will Block Him If He Calls Me The Next Day -Blessing CEO

There are certain situations whereby women assume that they are in a relationship with a man because they slept with him but they don’t know that these men have relationships with many other women. Only few women can boast of being independent enough to have intimacy with a wealthy man and not expect a relationship or marriage in return.



Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO has advised women to keep some men as friends and not date every man they come across. According to Okoro Blessing, she can see a man she likes and sleep with him without having any other affair with him such that she would even block him if he calls the next day.



Blessing CEO in a video she posted on YouTube said;

”Women, you are not supposed to date every man. Can’t you keep some of the men as friends? Don’t you have friends that you have nothing sexual with? Don’t assume that you are in a relationship with someone because you had s€x with that person.



Some people like us see a man and like him and just want to have s€x with him. If he calls my number the next day, I will block him. Some of these men that are sleeping with you have serious relationships and wives.

A lot of married men will also lie to you because they know you won’t agree to their advances if they tell the truth. Some of them would pull of their rings. This is why women have to pay attention.”

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