Some of us are Single & have Lost Interest in Marriage Because our Best Friends are Married- Bakare.

Nollywood actress, Yetunde Bakare has taken to social media to disclose that people like her are yet to settle down because their close companions that they thought would marry them, have already settled down with another woman. She made such disclosure on Instagram.



The mother of one who spoke about such issue through her official Instagram story, stated that people do say that if an individual wants to enjoy his/her marriage, such individual should make sure that he/she marries his/her best friend.

Yetunde Bakare however revealed that such advise might be the reason why some persons, including herself are still single.

According to the Yoruba actress, their best friends are already married and they have even lost interest in marriage.

Yetunde Bakare wrote;

“People do say that if you want to enjoy your marriage, make sure you marry your best friend…

“Seems this is why some of us are still single because our best friends have married and we have even lost interest in marriage”.

Here is Yetunde Bakare’s post below;


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