Diamond Overcome With Emotion While Returning His Children To Their Mother Zari Hassan

The visit of the children of Diamond Platnumz, Tiffah Dangote and Prince Nillan in Tanzania ended on Tuesday.

The Bongo star accompanied the two to the airport when they were returning to their mother, Zari Hassan in South Africa. He showed videos of their emotional goodbye at the airport.


In the videos, the WCB boss was seen hugging his kids before waving them goodbye. His daughter, Tiffah did not seem ready to leave him and even cried while waving him goodbye.

” I’ll see you, I love you, it’s okay, I’ll come,” Diamond said to his daughter as he said goodbye.

He also seemed overcome with emotion as he left the passenger departure area of the airport.

Tiffah and Nillan landed in Tanzania on Friday last week and were happily received by their father Diamond at the airport. It is believed that the purpose of the visit was so that they could celebrate Eid with their father and his family at his home in the city of Dar es Salam.

Their mother, socialite Zari Hassan, who recently got married to her fiancé Shakib Cham Lutaaya, however, did not accompany them on the visit, as was the case in the past.

While taking them home after meeting them on Friday night, Diamond seemed very happy to see them again. While recording the event, he asked his kids to greet the Tanzanians and inform them about their visit.

“Babaa (Nillan). Say hello to the camera. Say hello Tanzania, we are here from South Africa,” Diamond told them as they repeated his words.

Tiffah and Nillan, however, did not look cheerful, perhaps due to the fatigue of the trip from South Africa to Tz.

While her children had traveled to Tanzania, Zari Hassan and her 31-year-old husband shared time together and enjoyed themselves in various places of entertainment in South Africa.

The two who were also with other friends captured some beautiful memories on camera.

In one of the videos she published, Zari was heard praising the appearance of her younger lover.

“It’s our night, honey, you’re having a good time,” Zari said to Shakib.

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