Amid $20 Million Purchase Together, Gerard Pique’s Ex Shakira Sparks ‘New Love’ Rumors With 4X Grammy Winner

Gerard Pique and Shakira have been the talk of the town since their split. However, many fans thought that the singer would eventually fade away into obscurity. Clearly, she had other plans. In fact, she came back much stronger after parting ways with Gerard Pique. The Colombian singer released two hard-hitting diss tracks in quick succession.

In the last few months, many celebrities and co-stars have spoken in favor and supported the Waka–Waka singer.

As per a recent report, the singer might already be in a secret relationship with one of her long-time friends. This particular friend was also one of the renowned personalities who defended her against the critics.

Is Shakira dating someone again?

The Waka–Waka singer recently moved to America with her close family. Her primary intention of moving to America was to basically start a new life. Despite her separation agreement with Pique, she seemingly wants her kids to stay away from him and his new partner. During this diss track saga, the singer has got quite a lot of hate from some fans.

However, one such name spoke in favor of Pique’s ex-girlfriend, about a month ago. His comments garnered quite a lot of attention on social media. The fanbase is also aware of their long-term friendship bond. The person in the limelight here is Alejandro Sanz.

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