“I Can’t Even Fathom It, I Don’t Know Where People Got The News That I’m A Virgin” Destiny Etiko



Popular Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko has used a recent Instagram post to refute false information that has been spreading about her, including the claim that she claimed to be a virgin. She shared the article on her Instagram page and acknowledged that it was inconceivable, adding that she had no idea where the news had come from.

She stated that she never agreed to an interview where she stated that she was a virgin. She claimed that a grown man with a family had shocked her with the information. She insisted that she never posted anything of the type to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and questioned how they learned the information.



In the statement she made in the video, she said, “I can’t even fathom it; I don’t know where people got the news that I’m a virgin.” How can a fully grown man who has his own family be so insensitive as to post such news about me? “I never wrote anything like that on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, so where did you get that from?”




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