Actress Iheme Nancy Replies A Male Fan Who Asked Her What Her Best S€x Position Is



Popular Nollywood actress, Iheme Nancy, has used her most recent Instagram post to reply to a male fan who asked her what her best s€x position is. The fan took to her Instagram story to ask her the question after the actress had set up a question and answer session on Instagram.



The actress, who did not feel shy or hold back from giving her male fan a response, quickly replied to him by saying, “Bro, this is the way I used to like it,” as she also backed it up with pictures of her man sleeping on his side.



In the statement made by the male fan on her Instagram story, he said, “Your favorite s€x position?” The actress responded quickly to him by saying, “Bro, this is the way I used to like it.”



The actress has established herself as one of the most sought-after Nollywood actresses, thanks to her talent and the roles she plays in movies, which have helped her achieve more fame in recent times.

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