Rev. Fr. Mbaka Drops New Prophecy, Says It Will Happen In The Next 8 Days

Revelations are divinely inspired messages of things that will happen in the lives of believers, and God conveys such messages to his people through his anointed servants. In this light, the leader of the Adoration Ministry in Enugu, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, spoke via a video shared on the church’s Facebook page and dropped a new prophecy. He said it will happen in the next 8 days.

In the video, Fr. Mbaka said: “If you ask some people here, ‘How much do you have in your bank account’, they’ll say they don’t have anything there. We are given a message titled ‘From Empty Pockets to Mega Wealth’. I prophesy, somebody here is going to make a divine migration from little to plenty, from meagre to mega, and nothing can stop you.

Within the next 8 days, miracles will happen in our lives. The miracles will be astonishing an it’s for those who are ready to move from meagre to mega. Are you ready to move from empty purse to mega wealth?… “.


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