Nigerian man narrates how he left a pretty lady on their first date and what caused it

A young man has revealed why he decided to leave a girl whom he actually wanted to date for long and probably marry her with time.


The self acclaimed Nigerian business man said the beautiful lady he met and invited for an outing was literally hugging almost every guy she met around that environment.

“She knows too many men and also a chronic extrovert, very loveable by all. This is the kind of lady every guy will wish to have as a girlfriend or spouse, i can’t survive with her because i am a jealous type,” he laments.

In a Tiktok video this lover boy narrated his first experience and encounter with the pretty ebony young woman, stating it was something that practically ruined their relationship immediately after that first date.


Numerous citizens of Nigeria have reacted hilariously to his decision. Some accused him of being a jealous lover who doesn’t believe in freedom, others supported him, while recounting similar experiences like his, urged him to move on and settle down with someone that suites his lifestyle.

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