Nigerian man celebrates his twin sister for giving birth to set of twins

A young Nigeran man has taken to social media to reveal that his twin sister gave birth of a set of twins.

He shared a video which chronicled the moment they welcomed the babies and it showed their current status as one-year olds.

The young mother was first at the hospital where she put to bed and was supported by her family members.

The brother could be seen holding the two boys when they were just born and the clip captured their growth through different phases.

He disclosed that the twin brothers are now one-year-old and he was happy to celebrate each of them.

See the clip

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nekha_ome; I love twins and claim it IJN🙏

pat_rickpatricia3; God I want twins oo 🥺🙏❤️amen

yes_iam_ruby; Congratulations 🎉

brendanukagodservices; He will also produce twins too 👏😂 maybe a triplet. Congratulations 🎉

__badgal_sarah; Congratulations… Maybe they’re from Oyo

iamkingdinero3; This is beautiful, congratulations but Heavenly the giver of children Abeg for my own case let it be 1 at a time Abeg , not 2 , not 3 I mean 1 at a time , thank you sir

Meanwhile, a woman recently sought advise regarding her relationship with a father of one, whom she said she was preparing to walk down the aisle with.

She said her fiance is a 32-year-old widower who has been raising his daughter that’s five years old.

However, she is now pregnant with his child and she is afraid that she won’t love her step daughter as much as she the girl.

According to the woman, she wants to suggest that the little girl be sent to stay with her grandparents instead of living with her father and stepmum.

Their marriage is slated to take place in 2023 and she feels it would be better if her fiance sends his daughter away before they officially become husband and wife.

She also said the girl annoys and irritates her also because she looks like her late mother and bonds with her father. She expressed worry that the 5-yr-old would make it difficult for her own son to be close to her dad when he is born.

In her words; My 32 year old fiancé has a 5 year-old daughter, her mother passed away when she was giving birth to her. He has been raising her ever since he lost his wife, with the help of his family of course. I am now in the picture and we’re going to get married in 2023 and I’m 6 months pregnant with his son.

I’m not the stepmother type, so I know I won’t treat his daughter the same way I will treat our son. To be quite honest, she annoys me! She looks exactly like her mother so she constantly reminds my fiancé of his dead wife and she is very attached to her daddy which makes me afraid that my son will not be able to bond with his father because of her.

Basically I want to tell my fiancé to get rid of her, she can live with her grandparents or we can find her a nice couple that wants to adopt a child. I don’t know how to approach the situation but I need to find a way to convince my fiance to get rid of her. I’m not a bad person, I’m just trying to look out for my son and make sure that he will get all his father’s attention that he deserves. Please help!!

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