Months After $12,700,000 Goes Missing, Usain Bolt “Shipwrecked” with NBA Star’s Girlfriend Winnie Harlow

The famous Canadian model Winnie Harlow has been making waves in the NBA world ever since she started dating a Washington Wizards star. Moreover, many legendary sporting icons like Lewis Hamilton have spoken openly about the revolution created by Harlow in the beauty industry. Meanwhile, the supermodel recently left fans in utter disbelief at her recent vacation with the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt. Incidentally, Bolt is still recovering from the massive $12,700,000 loss in January.

Harlow suffers from a skin disease called vitiligo, which causes a lack of melanin pigmentation in the skin. The model broke the beauty standards and created her own skincare brand, Cay Skin. Apart from it, the hoops community’s attention turned toward her when she started dating Kyle Kuzma.

Usain Bolt enjoys Jamaican beach with Harlow

The Canadian Model Winnie Harlow recently took to her Instagram and shared several pictures of her recent vacation in Jamaica. One of the pictures included a pose with the legendary Usain Bolt. Notably, Harlow has origins in Jamaica. The caption of the post read, “Shipwrecked on a Cay ; a low bank or reef of coral, rock, or sand.”

The pictures spoke a thousand words as the model seemed to have enjoyed her time with her friends in the Jamaican waters. In response to her upload, a lot of fans swarmed her comments section, appreciating her beauty and some sections of fans reacted to Bolt’s presence in disbelief.


 Moreover, the model also shared a picture with a cute dog in the post. LSU Tigers star Angel Reese shared three heart emojis on the post. Following are some more reactions from fans.

“Is that Usain bolt?!!”

Linked With the Olympians”

“What a awesome duo!”

“beautiful..they also walked on the same runaway last year”

“she still with Kuzma I believe”

Harlow gained a lot of fans across the country for her ground-breaking influence in the beauty industry. The legendary Formula One racing driver, Lewis Hamilton, in order to show his support for the model, shared one of Harlow’s posts on his Instagram story and wrote, “Proud of you Winnie.”

Bolt’s $12,700,000 tragedy

In January, Bolt lost the hefty amount in a financial scam, leaving the sports world in shock. Bolt had invested the amount in a private investment firm and later found out that some perpetrators scammed his money. However, Bolt’s legal team had filed a complaint against the firm and would look to recover from the loss.

Furthermore, he fired his financial manager after the incident over an understanding issue. In response to firing his manager, a reporter asked the Jamaican whether the scam had left him broke. Bolt just laughed and denied the reporter’s assumption.

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