Zari Hassan Shows Off Her Wedding Ring After Her Private Islamic Wedding With Lover Shakib.(Video)

The famous entrepreneur and model from Uganda Zari Hassan has once again put on an engagement ring with her long-term boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya.

The pair tied the knot at midnight on Monday in a private ceremony that was attended by a small number of people.

In the photos and videos that have been shared from the event that took place in the room, the lovers are seen wearing full Islamic clothes while they are all sitting on a mat spread on the floor.

Shakib is seen getting down on one knee and happily putting an engagement ring on Zari before the two share a kiss with the audience celebrating with applause.

Ugandan news sources claimed that after they exchanged rings in a public event, the two made their Nikkah clear to Zari’s parents.

42-year-old Zari has been criticized by some people for dating a younger man, but that has not been an obstacle at all in their love.

The businessman, who is the co-parent of the artist Diamond Platnumz, criticized those who say he is dating Shakib, claiming that age is not an obstacle when an older man has sex with a younger woman, but if it turns the other way, it becomes a big conversation.

Zari, a mother of five children has been dating various men since the death of her husband Ivan Semwanga.

She was in love with artist Diamond Platnumz before they broke up in 2018 and later in 2022 she was seen with a young man known as GK Choppa but their love did not last long.

Later in the same year, she began to appear with Shakib Lutaaya who have lasted for several months together until they exchanged engagement rings on Sunday night in an Islamic ceremony.

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