Dress Like Someone That Is Praying If You Don’t Want Devil To Use You- Anita Joseph’s Husband

Anita Joseph is a Nigerian Nollywood actress who knows how to stir up reactions from her fans whenever she shares new videos on social media.

Anita Joseph took to her official instagram page to show netizens moment her husband was telling her to dress well whenever she wants to pray.

The dark-skinned actress who is widely popular for her big backside and trend-setting fashion sense, captioned the video saying; “are there some specific clothes for a woman who is fasting ?”.


Anita Joseph sat on the bed and her husband walked towards her and he hugged her tight from behind. The voluptuous actress told her husband to stop hugging her because she wants to praying. Anita also told her husband that she’s fasting.

MC Fish was surprised and he replied to his wife saying; “dress like someone that is praying if you don’t want the devil to use you”.

Anita Joseph heeded his husband’s warning and she changed her clothes. When MC Fish saw his wife he was so happy.


Click on the link below to watch the video.

As soon as Anita Joseph and her husband’s video surfaced online, many of their followers rushed down to the remark area underneath the post to express their opinions.

See screen captures of their reactions below.



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