If You Want To Marry A Man You Love Don’t Let Him Have S€x With You Until You’re Married”-Bella Ebinum



Nollywood actress, Bella Ebinum, has used her most recent video on Instagram to give relationship advice to ladies while also refuting the claims from men that women love money. She advised women that if they loved a man and wanted to marry him, they should insist on no s€x before marriage.



She made it known that men often complain that women love money while saying that men cannot help a woman for free without asking for something else in return. She advised women not to allow a man to have s€x with her until marriage, so as not to be cheated by him. She revealed that it is even difficult for some men to help their fellow men, saying that if they also want to help a woman, they will ask her to bring something in return.



In the statement she made in the video, she said, “If you want to marry a man you love, don’t let him have s€x with you until you’re married.” They say women love money, but can a man really do something for a woman for free? “No man can ever help a woman for free unless they ask for something in return.”



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