Hakimi Rejoices With His Mother In A Dance After THEIR Big Win Over His ex-Wife (VIDEO)

Hakimi Rejoices With Mother

Moroccan footballer Achraf Hakimi is trending on social media following his win against his ex-wife – the world just discovered that Hakimi has no property of his in his name.

Achraf Hakimi’s wife known as Hiba Abouk filed for divorce and craved more than half of the Moroccan footballer’s property and fortune which didn’t go as she planned.

Hakimi Mother

Hakimi is one of the highest-paid players in Ligue 1, he earns more than 1 million euros per month.

Unfortunately, his ex-wife will not be going home happy with any of these fortunes as none of it significantly is in his name, but his mother’s name.

Away from that, a new video has surfaced.

The video captures Hakimi rejoicing as he dances with his mother over their victory.

Hakimi Dances With His Mother
Hakimi Dances With His Mother

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