Hakimi: “Any Man Who Gives His Mother His Money To Hide From His Wife Is Not Man Enough” -Awuzie

Some moments ago, a Nigerian social commentator named Charles Awuzie took to his verified Facebook page to comment about the alleged divorce case of footballer, Achraf Hakimi.


Charles Awuzie said, “any man who gives his money to his mother to hide from his wife is not man enough. Such a man is, to me, not smart.” He added, “Achraf Hakimi should have settled his divorce amicably like Bill Gates who simply went to sign the official paperwork of his divorce at the court.”

Speaking further, Charles Awuzie said, “one thing people don’t also know is that Achraf Hakimi’s wife is a professional Spanish actress that is neither broke nor a gold digger as many people claim.”


Again, Charles Awuzie said, “Achraf Hakimi was only 19 year-old when he met the wife, Hiba Abouk. Now, she is 36 year-old while Achraf is 24 year-old. I see him as a ‘mummy’s boy’ who a real man should never take lessons from.”

Lastly, Charles Awuzie said, “Achraf Hakimi is not my hero. He is also not the kind of man I would allow to marry my daughter. I disagree with the fact that Reno Omokri is even comparing him to a wise man in the Bible.”



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