Video trends as a Nigerian man spotted standing tall on a horse running with the speed of light (Watch)

The Northern part of the country seems to be another world entirely as a video of a Nigerian man standing tall while riding a horse running with the speed of light surfaced online and by extension generated overwhelming reactions among netizens.

Undoubtedly, the usefulness of horse to human is on the greater level, while some uses horse as a means of transportation, some assist in cultivating food, they’ve been with us in battle and some  are used for horse riding.

Horse riding has been an important part of Northern Nigeria’s culture and tradition for centuries. The region is known for its skilled equestrians who have developed unique riding styles and techniques over the years.

However, in a video making the rounds online, a northern man was seen standing tall effortlessly on a big horse that is running to so much speed.

The northerner makes some netizens think if he has more than one heart as he maintains his stand despite his height while the horse keeps on running so fast on the road.

The man shows that he is an expert in horse riding as the wave of the fast moving air in the northern part of Nigeria couldn’t affect him while riding the horse moving with the speed of light.

The Nigerian man keeps standing on the horse for as much as he wants until he decided to relax himself by sitting on the horse simultaneously while the horse keeps moving so fast and in return captured the hearts of netizens who couldn’t believe their eyes any longer.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

otorroseline: Just imagine 😂😂😂😂.


shugatiti: Wow I need to relocate there for adventures.

drbtgar:  If only I had the skill to do this, sure would have been fun 🔥.

don_mamakay:  Omo I need that horse here in America for horse racing 🏇 to make money 💰 he so fast🤔.

ileshboi_comedy: Nigeria 🇳🇬 don Dey do pass Oyinbo people in everything now ooo I swear … na them civilized us but we are their masters now 🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️ God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬 God bless me ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

kizobillz:  On a very serious note this people suppose get their own country o 😂😂😂.

young_walker07:  I go fit do am nah small tin ❤️😂 I will b everyone’s favorite male artist sooner please support my hustle by checking out my page listen to my songs and freestyle trust me 😊❤️.

koffithaguru: Shaddout to the guy filming this. He understood the assignment not all those shaky shaky field officers.

capr15on: Only if we see the bright light of this, this niggas will be very good in the polo game. Money making artistry

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