Cardi B shares glimpse of her REGULAR DAY on TikTok.

Cardi B shares glimpse of her REGULAR DAY on TikTok. What does it look like?

Cardi B has given her fans a closer look at her day-to-day life, not only as a rapper but also as a mother. On April 11, 2023, the ‘Invasion of Privacy’ rapper gave fans a closer glimpse into her life via a new TikTok video. The video shows Cardi moving about her “regular day”.

The routine included taking care of her children, shopping at Target, cooking lunch, and working out before hitting the studio with a glass of red wine. “Hi guys, it’s your girl, Cardi B,” the rapper said as she started her TikTok video.

What does Cardi B’s routine look like?

In the video, Cardi B said, ”My fans have been wanting me to do more TikToks, so here I am.” “I’m going to give you what a regular day is in my life as a regular person,” she continued. The Bronx native revealed that the first thing she does when she wakes up checking up her phone before brushing her teeth and taking a hot shower. “Getting ready before my kids notice I’m up,” she said in the voiceover.

A part of Cardi’s morning routine (@iamcardib/Instagram)

After getting dressed, all while her children are busy running around in the background, she said they head downstairs for playtime before lunch.  Later, she is seen styling her daughter’s hair as she narrates that she would be taking Kulture with her to the gym as her cousin babysat Wave. The influencer was seen walking into a gym and working out as she described her rigorous “two-hours-a-day” exercise routine.

Cardi B in the gym (@iamcardib/Instagram)

Cardi B’s take on recent issues

Cardi B recently expressed concern about child predators in a series of social media posts in light of a disturbing video featuring Dalai Lama in which he instructed a young boy to kiss him in the mouth and invited him to “suck his tongue,” before sticking it out and leaning in close to him.

She said, “This morning, I see this video of this guy, I don’t know what he is, if he’s like a monk or whatever.” She continued, “I see that he kissed a boy on the mouth. And it’s just like, damn. This just goes back to the conversation I had yesterday. Some people take advantage of religion, and start doing perverted things to our children.”

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