2023 Election: I Never Thought Peter Obi Could Pull Six Millions Votes- Ali Ndume

Speaking about the 2023 Presidential election, A Nigerian Senator and member of All Progressive Congress (APC) Mohammed Ali Ndume, in an interview revealed that he was surprised with the performance of the presidential candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi during the poll. According to him, “I never thought obi could pull six million votes


He made this statement while responding to a question asked by Sun Newspaper, which is “You said Southeast result surprised you, so you never thought Peter Obi could pull that string?”

In his own words, Ali Ndume said “Yes. Even in the general election, all over especially, he had six million votes. The performance of LP is actually above my expectation

“It indicates, he goes to talk about something that people don’t really talk about. And that is to say the middle income group or social group and the youths are getting tired of the old politicians, who have been in the corridors of powers since they were 30”

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