You Must Provide Evidence Where My Ex Sl€pt With My Maid, Impregnated Her And Married Her”



Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins, has used her most recent Instagram post to reveal the legal action she has taken against a lady who allegedly said that the actress’s ex-husband sl€pt with her housemaid, impregnated her, married her, and eventually dumped the actress. She disclosed that the lady will have to provide concrete evidence that will prove her allegations against her in court.



She stated that the police force will soon track down the lady, where she will explain everything she has said about her with proof. She insisted that this action against the lady will serve as a lesson to others who are fond of telling lies about people on social media. She asked her to prepare herself to appear in court, where everything would be settled between them.



In the statement she made on her Instagram page, she said, “You must provide evidence where my ex sl€pt with my maid, impregnated her and married her.” “I have taken serious legal steps against that lady who recklessly spilled those malicious falsehoods against me.”



“The police will soon track her down, arrest her, thoroughly investigate her criminal defamation against me, and prosecute her in court.” I will never blink until justice is served in this case. At least this will serve as a deterrent to those who open their mouths widely to speak lies against others on social media.”


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