Reasons for the Holes at the Back of Footballers’ Socks

There are a number of things done in football which many fans of the beautiful game don’t have much knowledge about or even the mystery behind the invention or innovation of such ideas.

Considering the holes which are usually cut by players behind their socks, there have been controversial debates held by different football enthusiasts and fans on why this is so.


While many people have been of the views that these socks are cut at the back because they are worn out or old, below are the two major reasons for these holes:

Free Flow of Blood

While many socks are being made by manufacturers to be naturally tight in order to fit the legs of footballers, the tightness may reduce flow of blood between veins and capillaries and this may result in stiffness.


Therefore, the need for the holes to reduce the tightness.

Prevention of Cramps and other injuries

As discussed earlier, the tightness may result in reduction in the flow of blood which may result in uneasiness on the part of the player and this may result in development of cramps and other injuries.


Improvement in performance

With the holes being made on these socks, players will be able to control their legs in desired manners and this will in turn affect their game performances positively.



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