MNC VS BAY: Why Cancelo Would Be Guardiola’s Biggest Problem In This Game.

The first round of the Champions league quarter finals would begin on Tuesday, 11th of April. One of the quarter final matches to look out for is that between Manchester City and Bayern Munich.


This match is expected to be an exciting one because both teams are currently in top form, each team also possesses world class players who would play a major role in this game. Manchester City has shown that they have what it takes to win the Champions league, and so has Bayern Munich.

Fans are waiting patiently to see Bayern Munich’s playstyle in the Champions league, following the appointment of Thomas Tuchel as the club’s manager. The German coach has managed three games since his appointment. He won two of these matches, and lost one. Thomas Tuchel can be said to be one of Guardiola’s toughest opponents, this is because Tuchel has defeated Guardiola several times while he was Chelsea’s coach. Of all these defeats, Manchester City loss to Chelsea in the Champions league final is the saddest of all. Hence, this game is expected to be an interesting one.


There are a lot of players in Bayern Munich who can cause serious problems for Manchester City, however, Portuguese full back, Joao Cancelo would be Guardiola’s biggest threat in this game. It is no longer news that the Portuguese left back left the club to join Bayern Munich on loan, after losing his position in Guardiola’s starting lineup. One reason why Cancelo would be Guardiola’s biggest threat is because of the closeness he had with Guardiola. Joao Cancelo had spent several seasons with Guardiola and so he knows quite a lot of tactics used by the veteran coach.

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