Why Arsenal’s head coach made a tactical error in substituting Gabriel Jesus and Odeegard.

The English premier league fixture between Liverpool and Arsenal at Anfield was interesting and in favor of Arsenal minutes before the tactical errors of Arteta which resulted in the ball ending in a 2-2 draw.

Arsenal wanted to break their 11 years of not beating Liverpool at Anfield, but the tactical error of Arteta’s substitutions denied them (Arsenal) of their victory at Anfield.

Arteta should not have made such a tactical error of substituting Odeegard and Gabriel Jesus.


Arsenal’s attacking prowess was reduced after their substitution: The removal of both Odeegard and Gabriel Jesus had a huge negative impact on Arsenal’s team because it weakened their attacking prowess. After all, Gabriel Jesus who was pestering Van Dijk and Konate was pulled off when Marinelli should have been the one to substitute based on his (Marinelli’s) ineffectiveness in Arsenal’s attacking position. This is because after Marinelli scored, he began to portray appalling performances through his excessive dribbling when he ought to be distributing passes. Most balls Martinelli was supposed to convert to breaks were as busily wasted by his excessive dribbles.

Liverpool had more dominion after the removal of Odeegard: Odeegard was assisting Partey in stabilizing Arsenal’s midfield position as he always ensures that Partey does not stress himself much with the ball as he (Odeegard) is always available to ensure that the ball is being pushed forward by him (Odeegard). And besides, there was no way Partey could single-handedly dominate the midfield position ahead of Thiago. Odeegard would have helped Partey to still stabilize Liverpool’s midfield and thereby would have also helped to prevent the equalizing goal by Firmino.

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